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The Everything Rottweiler Book: Download

By Margaret Holowinski

Format: eBook

SKU# X3108

Written by pet expert Margaret Holowinski, The Everything Rottweiler Book tells you everything you need to know about making a rottweiler part of your life. This handy book is an all-inclusive work, covering all aspects of rottweiler care, so you know what to expect and can watch out for issues before they become serious problems.

The Everything Rottweiler Book helps you:

  • Teach basic obedience and manners
  • Socialize your rottie with people and other pets
  • Develop a balanced diet and exercise routine
  • Groom and housetrain your rottweiler
  • Prepare for emergencies

With these tips, you can give your rottweiler a comfortable, healthy lifestyle!

Margaret Holowinski is the author of eight dog books in addition to various courses, educational materials, and articles. Her work has appeared in various national publications including Dog Fancy, Dog World, Dog and Kennel, PetLife, Pet View, Natural Pet, Contract Professional, OnSiteFitness, and Mushing Magazine. She has been a columnist and contributing editor for Dog and Kennel and PetView magazines and has frequently contributed to the and Internet sites.

SKU X3108
Author/Speaker/Editor Margaret Holowinski
File Type PDF
Format eBook
ISBN 13 9781440524783

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