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The Everything Parent's Guide to the Strong-Willed Child, 2nd Edition

A positive approach to increase self-control, improve communication, and reduce conflict

By Ellen Bowers, PhD

Format: Paperback

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"I won't go!" "I don't care!" "You can't make me!"

Every parent hears these words at one time or another, but if you have a strong-willed child, the arguments can seem never-ending. Fortunately, there's hope. This guide can help you put a stop to the endless cycle of battles with your child and rebuild a relationship based on love and respect--rather than conflict.

This essential guide shows you how to trade in exhausting and ineffective punishment for techniques that can help you:

  • Identify the triggers of combative behaviors
  • Understand strong-willed and spirited motivations
  • Give your child tools to develop self-control
  • Learn how your reaction can lessen--or intensify--strong-willed behaviors
  • Communicate more effectively with your child
  • Strengthen the family bond and create a safe environment

Featuring a positive approach to discipline and including new ways to compromise and communicate with children, this all-in-one guide has everything you need to raise capable, happy, and agreeable kids!

Ellen Bowers, PhD, is a psychologist, educator, and mother. She is the owner and director of a preschool focused on nurturing children through positive discipline. She has an extensive teaching background, working with children of all ages as well as college students. Dr. Bowers has a doctorate in psychology and a master's of science degree in education and psychology. She is also the author of The Everything Guide to Raising a Toddler and The Everything Parent's Guide to Positive Discipline, 2nd Edition.

SKU W8117
Author/Speaker/Editor Ellen Bowers, PhD
File/Trim Size 5-1/2 x 8-1/2
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440533426
Number Of Pages 304

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