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The Everything KIDS' Weather Book

From Tornadoes to Snowstorms, Puzzles, Games, and Facts That Make Weather for Kids Fun!

By Joe Snedeker

Format: Paperback

SKU# U0412

You'll Love This If:

  • You enjoy learning about the weather
  • You wonder what happens in the eye of a tornado or how hurricanes gain their strength
  • You love puzzels and games

In the Everything KIDS' Weather Book , gives you an exciting look into all the action that happens in the sky. The Everything Kids' Weather Book is perfect for finding out how a barometer works, which cloud is a nimbus cloud, what causes hailstorms - and everything in between!

In This Weather Book You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between cirrus and stratocumulus clouds
  • How meteorologists predict the weather
  • What the term "a perfect storm" means

About the Author:

Joe Snedeker, Med, is a meteorologist for WNEP-TV in the Scranton-Pocono Region of Pennsylvania. He has a BS in earth and space science/meteorology from the Millersville University of Pennsylvania and an MEd in biology/environmental science from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. Joe was a public high school science teacher for more than ten years and currently teaches science and meteorology at Marywood University when he is not totally immersed in his family: his wife, Dawn, and his three children, Joey, Lucas, and Aleah. He lives in Jermyn, PA.

SKU U0412
Author/Speaker/Editor Joe Snedeker
File/Trim Size 8 x 9.25
Format Paperback
ISBN 13 9781440550362
Number Of Pages 144

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